Consecutive Interpreting



The translator is usually located in the immediate vicinity of the customer or in their inner circle. Speech is usually divided into longer fragments, and the translation is given at the end. Consecutive interpreting, which requires an increased level of detail, can be literally followed after a sentence (so-called liaison translation).

Trans Globaltica attaches great importance to accompanying translations, and are not imposing. The Translator offers support for the speaker and the group. They are their link. Feeling the right moment to start translating is the result of experience. Strong emphasis is also placed on diction, dealing with stress, paying attention. This guarantees that the translator will allow the group to focus on the core of the message.

Trans Globaltica also offers consecutive interpreting for longer business trips. On the agreed date, the translator stays with the client or group and remains at their disposal.


business meetings and business negotiations

press conferences

notarial procedures

cultural events and visits

help in hospitals

civil and church weddings and ceremonies