Simultaneous translations



They are usually conducted in a special soundproof cabin, using professional equipment. The translator speaks into a microphone, simultaneously translating the the source language into the target language. The audience listens to the translation on special headsets.

This kind of interpretation is applicable everywhere, where in order to preserve the continuity of the meeting you need simultaneous comprehension of speaker’s statements. For simultaneous translations Trans Globaltica delegates two interpreters of impeccable diction. Since this task requires high levels of concentration throughout the entire translation, the interpreters change over every half hour. As a result, the TG translators keep pace with the speaker throughout the event and the listeners receive the correct message.

Trans Globaltica cooperates with suppliers of simultaneous interpretation equipment. TG therefore supports events not only from the linguistic side but also from the technical side.


conferences and congresses

conventions, meetings

scientific lectures

exhibitions and cultural events

product launches

TV broadcasts